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Press Release
August 4, 2000

Cable & Wireless HKT Powerb@se to Offer 100% Service Level Guarantee for Data Centres Using Intel Technology

Cable & Wireless HKT today (August 4) announced an initiative using Intel® NetstructureTM products to offer Powerb@se Data Centre customers a new service program with 100% service level guarantee.

Powerb@se's will provide dedicated server hosting, co-location service and two choices of a web server package from Intel. In addition to round-the-clock network monitoring services, customers will be provided with 7x24 network operations centre and server hardware support. The package is available for monthly rental or one-time purchase.

Intel® NetstructureTM products will increase Powerb@se's customers online authentication transactions by up to 15,000 percent (or 150 times)** and can help eliminate on-line customer-viewed errors whilst intelligently assigning data traffic to the most responsive servers. This further enhances the data centres' reliability and effectiveness.

The new service program also forms part of Powerb@se's latest initiative to offer customers 100% Guarantee for power and network availability. Customers will be credited a day's charge of their monthly service fee for any power or network unavailability in a calendar month.

Joseph Ma, Director of Data Centre Services at Cable & Wireless HKT, said "We are pleased to team up with Intel to provide this value-added service program. Customers in e-business will be able to benefit from excellent data centre services and accredited expertise without having to pay a premium price."

"We are very pleased to be working with a leading Internet hosting provider Cable & Wireless HKT. Intel® architecture and Intel® NetstructureTM products, which improve transaction flow and quality of service for Internet users, are the ideal server and communication services platforms to power enhanced hosting services," said Daniel Louppe, Director of Marketing, Internet Communications and Data Centre Group, Intel.

The newly launched service package is offered at value-added prices within a three-month promotion period.

**   Tested by Intel Corporation during April 2000 using Sun E450 server with Solaris operating system. Similar testing of Intel's acceleration engine was tested publicly at NetWorld & Interop 1999 show May 10-12 using Sun E450 server with Solaris operating system. Also see Networkshop 'Scaling E-Commerce Applications' report of 1999:

Please click here to see the details of the dedicated server hosting package.

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Note to the Editor:

Cable & Wireless HKT, a Cable & Wireless company, is Hong Kong's major full-service communications provider, marketing a full array of quality voice and data telecommunication services backed by a state-of-the-art, fully digital fibre-optic network. Services include basic telephony, mobile telephony, international calls, specialized fax and data products, value-added services, Internet access, multimedia services, satellite links and telecommunications equipment and systems.

The outstanding quality of Cable & Wireless HKT's services was recognised in the global award of "Most Competitive Local or National Carrier" conferred in the Financial Times Global Telecommunications Awards in October 1999. Additionally, in a survey conducted by CFO Asia in November 1999, Cable & Wireless HKT was named as the number one company in Asia based on the wealth it has created for shareholders.

Apart from owning and operating Asia's largest commercial teleport, Cable & Wireless HKT is a pioneer in a wide range of communications solutions, such as launching the world's first fully digitized urban network, the world's first fibre-optic cable linking China, and the world's first interactive television services.

Cable & Wireless is a major global telecommunications business with annual revenue of over £ 9 billion (US$14 billion) and customers in 70 countries. Its businesses around the world offer a range of services spanning broadband data, Internet and voice services. Cable & Wireless' priority for expansion is to target business customers in the fast growing market of IP (Internet Protocol) and data services. It is making major investments in developing advanced networks and services in the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region to build the world's leading global IP infrastructure. With the capacity of this advanced infrastructure, and its presence in key business markets, Cable & Wireless holds a unique position in terms of global coverage and services to business customers.

Intel Semiconductor Ltd, Intel's Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong, sells and markets microprocessors, platforms and communications products in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, People's Republic of China (including Hong Kong, SAR), Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The company has world-class test and assembly plants in Penang and Kulim, Malaysia, Makati and Cavite, Philippines, and Shanghai, PRC; a chip design centre in Penang, Malaysia; a Research Centre and a Wireless Competence Centre in Beijing, PRC; a software development lab in Shanghai, PRC; and a Technology Centre in Bangalore, India, to provide technology tools and support to the growing software/IT industry.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of personal computer, networking, and communications products. Additional information is available at

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