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Press Release
May 18, 2000

Cable & Wireless HKT IBS Consolidates Data Centre Services as Powerb@se

Launches Sixth Data Centre to Empower e-Business with Largest Facilities in Hong Kong

Cable & Wireless HKT IBS today (May 18) has announced the opening of its sixth data centre in Hong Kong, marking the consolidation of its data centre services as Powerb@se. The move is to reflect this growth engine for e-Business in Hong Kong and Asia.

Located at Somerset House in Quarry Bay, the 80,000-sq ft new facility is Powerb@se's flagship data centre in Hong Kong and takes the total to more than 300,000 sq ft for the Company's six existing local centres. To ensure maximum security, Hong Kong's first "iris recognition system" is used at the new centre for access control to critical facilities.

Powerb@se also provides unmatched connectivity via Cable & Wireless HKT's high-performance Internet backbone and extensive international optical fibre cable network. Its data centre facilities currently offer 70 Gbps for local connection and 1.2 Gbps of international network bandwidth. To meet an ever increasing volume of data traffic generated by cross-border Internet activities, Powerb@se plans to upgrade existing Internet connectivity with OC3 (155 Mbps) connection internationally and an enhanced speed of 2 * 1Gbps for local connection to HKIX.

Mr. Norman Yuen, Deputy Chief Executive of Cable & Wireless HKT, says "With our proven experience and strong data centre capabilities, we are all set to further consolidate our lead in the market and extend our carrier-class services to the region, enabling businesses to reach out to the regional and global e-Business world."

To become an even greater enabler of local and Asian e-Business, Powerb@se will extend its services, now available in Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore and Seoul, to other major Asian and mainland cities. Regional centres are planned for Beijing, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Bangkok. Powerb@se targets a total floor space of 1,000,000 sq ft for all local and regional facilities by 2002.

Mr Joseph Ma, Director of Data Centre Services of Cable & Wireless HKT, adds, "Powerb@se is fully geared towards providing end-to-end total solutions in web-hosting and server/application management services for big to small enterprises engaging in e-Business.

"The world-class data centre capabilities of Powerb@se also serves as the cornerstone for Cable & Wireless HKT IBS's mission-critical e-Business initiatives, such as web-based ASP (Application Service Provider) and ICP (Internet Content Provider) services and advanced Internet payment applications for e-Commerce."

At today's launch, Powerb@se has also announced strategic alliances with technology leaders Compaq, IBM, Intel, Sun Microsystems and Akamai. These cooperations further reinforce Powerb@se's leading capabilities in providing world-class data centre services.

Note to the Editor:

Cable & Wireless HKT is Hong Kong's major full-service communications provider, marketing a full array of quality voice and data telecommunication services backed by a state-of-the-art, fully digital fibre-optic network. Services include basic telephony, mobile telephony, international calls, specialized fax and data products, value-added services, Internet access, multimedia services, satellite links and telecommunications equipment and systems.

The outstanding quality of Cable & Wireless HKT's services was recognised in the global award of "Most Competitive Local or National Carrier" conferred in the Financial Times Global Telecommunications Awards in October 1999. Additionally, in a survey conducted by CFO Asia in November 1999, Cable & Wireless HKT was named as the number one company in Asia based on the wealth it has created for shareholders.

Apart from owning and operating Asia's largest commercial teleport, Cable & Wireless HKT is a pioneer in a wide range of communications solutions, such as launching the world's first fully digitized urban network, the world's first fibre-optic cable linking China, and the world's first interactive television services.

Cable & Wireless HKT has formed an Integrated eBusiness Solutions (IBS) unit to spearhead e-business development in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region via six key streams of business, namely Business Solutions for eCommerce, Data Centre Services, eCommerce, Business Portals, ASP (Application Service Provider) and Fulfillment and Logistics Services.

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