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Powerb@se Acceptable Use Policy

Capitalised terms not defined in this Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") have the same meaning given to them in the Hosting and Managed Solutions -Terms and Conditions, Co-location Service Agreement or Intel Bundle Program Agreement (as applicable).

PCCWDCS shall mean either PCCWIMS Limited or PCCW Powerbase Data Center Services (HK) Limited whichever has contracted to supply the Services to the Customer.

This document contains rules for the acceptable use of the Services by Customer.

  • A person will be considered an "Authorised Representative" of Customer where that person's name appears in the list maintained by PCCWDCS of Customer's Authorised Personnel ("Customer Representative List"). Customer can only amend the Customer Representative List by completing the prescribed form, a copy of which is attached to the Application Form, and forwarding the completed form to PCCWDCS.
  • Customer must remove the name of a person from the Customer Representative List when that person is no longer an employee, contractor or agent of Customer.
  • Only Authorised Representatives may access the PCCWDCS' Data Centers. Customer and its Authorised Representatives shall not allow any person who is not an Authorised Person to have access to or enter any PCCWDCS' Data Centers.
  • Notwithstanding any provision herein, PCCWDCS shall be entitled at its sole discretion to refuse entry to any person to a PCCWDCS Data Center including, without limitation:

    • in case of emergency; or
    • where PCCWDCS is required to carry out essential maintenance services; or
    • the person is associated with an entity which competes with PCCWDCS.