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As your IT service solutions provider, Powerb@se is committed to adding value to your business by providing superior service and support. We blends a comprehensive range of services, from basic network services, and facility services, to offering reliable hardware and software platform, outsourcing managed services and consultancy services. We provide total outsourcing solutions so you can focus on your core business competencies.

Not just our commitment to bring you value from our complete portolio of service solutions, Powerb@se offers the "highest quality" of e-Business infrastructure services designed to meet the needs of the clients' e-Business operations. The consistent delivery of high quality service in a timely manner breeds a "peace of mind" for our clients. That is why Powerb@se strives for excellence in delivering the best quality services in the industry.

Utility Services Model
Introducing Powerb@se Utility Services Model which offers an integrated sollutions to help you develop, implement and manage your e-Business strategies in an efficient, hassle free and cost-effective manner.

Service Level Agreement
To ensure that our Data Center facilities are professionally engineered and designed with carrier-graded security and reliability, Powerb@se is the first in the industry to offer 100% Service Level Agreement to our customers. All the equipment servicing the data center is designed with redundant backup to prevent from affecting the Data Center operation by a single point of failure.

SuntoneSM Certification
In recognition of Powerb@se's unparalleled delivery of quality service, we were the first in our industry to receive the SuntoneSM Certification. The SunToneSM certified status also marks a major milestone in Powerb@se's strategic initiatives towards continuous service enhancement.