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Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is the analysis and re-design of business processes leading to measurable performance improvements. BPR projects are established to achieve goals such as increasing customer satisfaction through more responsive service delivery or reducing operating costs through more efficient work stream management. BPR typically deals with radical redesign seeking dramatic process improvements. This differs from the objectives of typical Quality Management (QM) activities that tend to focus on incremental change and gradual process improvement.

Businesses are often highly effective in establishing their own QM teams and achieving gradual, continuous improvement. However, BPR seeks more radical results, may redefine functional boundaries and usually demands cultural and structural change.

Many businesses need help to successfully manage BPR projects. Problems occur at all stages - from defining realistic scope at the outset to implementing the new processes in the final stages of the project.

If your business strategy demands radical change to the way your business gets done and you are to launch a BPR initiative, then our BPR consultancy services will ensure that the initiative is successful.


Key factors in successful BPR include senior management sponsorship, realistic scope and expectations and collaboration with those who are to carry out the redesigned processes. Key challenges to be faced during BPR include resistance to change and lack of appropriate participation or insufficient time for participation by the right people.

We bring best practices and our proven methodology to:

  • Position the BPR project by clearly defining the business objectives; identifying the processes to be redesigned; identifying the benefits to be achieved; communicating to those who will be affected.
  • Understand and measure the existing processes or workflows to identify improvements and provide a baseline for measurement
  • Redesign the processes in collaboration with the stakeholders and affected parties; identify IT capabilities that will influence and support the process design; identify new skills required; build training plans; determine implementation timeframes and transition plans
  • Implement the new processes, building prototypes where appropriate to allow successive iterations; measure the results; communicate achievements; plan for next steps

Our skilled and experienced BPR consultants will work with you to deliver business benefits. We provide a full range of services including:
  • Project management
  • Workshop planning
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Change impact analysis
  • Change management planning
  • Communication strategy planning
  • Business process analysis
  • Business process design
  • Prototyping
  • Business process prototyping and implementation
  • Business process measurement

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