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Powerb@se Third Party Acceptable Use Policy

This document ("AUP") defines various rules for the access to and use of PCCWDCS Data Centers and PCCWDCS Systems by Third Parties and other rules relating to services supplied by PCCWDCS to Third Parties (as applicable).

PCCWDCS shall mean PCCW Powerbase Data Center Services (HK) Limited.

"PCCWDCS Data Center" means the applicable PCCWDCS physical data center environments and any technology contained therein.

"PCCWDCS System" means any equipment, facilities, logical databases or other systems operated by or existing in a PCCWDCS Data Center including, without limitation, the PCCWDCS web servers.

"Third Party" means an entity who has access to or use of a PCCWDCS Data Center or PCCWDCS System.

  • A person will be considered an "Authorised Representative" of a Third Party where that person's name appears in the list maintained by PCCWDCS of Third Party's authorised personnel ("Third Party Representative List"). Third Party can only amend the Third Party Representative List by completing the prescribed form and forwarding the completed form to PCCWDCS.

  • Third Party must notify PCCWDCS in writing if an Authorised Representative ceases to be an employee, contractor or agent of Third Party whereupon such person shall be removed from the Third Party Representative List. Third Party is responsible for all acts and omissions of its Authorised Representatives.

  • Only Authorised Representatives may access a PCCWDCS Data Center. Third Party and its Authorised Representatives shall not allow any person who is not an Authorised Representative to have access to or enter a PCCWDCS Data Center.

  • Notwithstanding any provision herein, PCCWDCS shall be entitled at its sole discretion to refuse entry to any person to a PCCWDCS Data Center including, without limitation:

    • in case of emergency;
    • where PCCWDCS is required to carry out essential maintenance services;
    • the person is associated with an entity which competes with PCCWDCS; or
    • such person is associated with any breach of this AUP.